Welcome to ShomoGroupMinistries (SGM)

SGM has grown out of a unique Saturday Night Gathering in Columbus, Ohio, that began in July of 2009. After working in full-time church and para-church minist
ries for 26 years, Phil Shomo felt a very direct calling from God to begin a ministry geared toward 18-25 year olds who were part of the Columbus Hardcore Music Scene and not being reached by the typical church. With the help of his wife Julie and several young people who loved Jesus and were deeply connected to this sub-culture, Saturday Night Gatherings were offered at the Shomo's home beginning in the summer of 2009. 

What started out as a group of 7 people has grown to gatherings that now include up to 60 every Saturday night, the majority of whom are not interested in the more traditional approaches to "church" in our society. Each Saturday Gathering includes a time of sharing gratitudes for God's blessings that week, interactive dialogue around a section of scripture and how it connects with daily life, open confession/prayer for needs, and encouragement to live out the "Jesus-Way" in tangible form throughout the week via a dynamic relationship w/God. 

The Saturday Gatherings have involved over 300 different young people from a variety of bands and different walks of life since it's beginning. A significant number have been baptized as an
expression of their newfound faith in Jesus. The group has given birth to several different groups that n
ow meet weekly throughout the Columbus area for prayer, scripture, confession, accountability, outreach, and sharing of life and resources. Several from the group have moved to other parts of the country to launch new ministries or go to ministry schools in a desire to devote their lives more fully to the Jesus-Way and how Jesus can impact our world. Since no official name was ever decided on for the Saturday Gatherings, ShomoGroupTime eventually became the name that most people used due to it's designation on twitter.

In August of 2011, after months of dialogue and prayer in seeking God's will, Phil stepped down from his full-time job at JPMorgan Chase to devote more time each week to the exciting growth and development of SGM. It is Phil and Julie's dream to offer "Life-Coaching in the Way of Jesus" to the young adults involved in this growing and vibrant community. In pursuit of this dream, new ministry avenues are being developed such as Leadership Training, One-on-One Mentoring/Discipleship, Couples-Coaching, Topical Teaching Classes, Weekend "Jesus-Encounter" Retreats, Service/Outreach Opportunities, five young ladies now living in the Shomo house, and more.

Heart Heroes is a local non-profit that has agreed to work alongside of SGM to provide an avenue for the necessary funding of this emerging ministry. Heart Heroes is officially recognized as a Federal Nonprofit Organization under the 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Service organizational code and all do
nations made to HH are tax-deductible. 

If you would like to help with financial support of SGM and the exciting development of this new ministry, please click on the PAYPAL BUTTON at the top right of this page, or write out a check to HEART HEROES (list SGM in the memo) and either give it to Phil/Julie directly or mail it to 893 Mike Ct, Westerville, OH 43081. If you'd like to donate cash, please place it in an envelope and mark "SGM" on the outside of the envelope along with your name so you can receive proper tax-credit from Heart Heroes for the donation. 100% of all monies donated go directly to Phil and Julie for the expenses of running the ministry as well as the time they are devoting to it's growth and development.

For any questions, please contact Phil at philshomo@yahoo.com or at 614-891-1062. Thanks so much for all your help.